R+B star Faith Evans is determined to get her name across to fans who love her songs, but never identify her as the singer.

The widow of murdered rap star NOTORIOUS B.I.G. wants fans to recognise her as the female vocalist on global hit singles BE FAITHFUL with Fatman Scoop and the SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS 1997 collaboration, I'LL BE MISSING YOU.

Evans, who has since married TODD RUSSAW, says, "My husband went to St Tropez with Puff Daddy a couple of years back, and they were in a club and somebody played the Fatman Scoop song.

"This lady was really tipsy, and she came up to my husband and said, 'Man, I love this song - who are they?' That was the first time we realised how the big the record was.

"It was funny, but it was cool, too - they wouldn't know me if I was sitting next to them yet they know my song. Now I'm trying to reach people who know that song, and let them know me by my name."

02/05/2005 17:43