R+B singer Faith Evans is warning dieting women to stay away from pills as a quick fix to shed the pounds, because medication left her agitated and desperate to sleep.

The SOON AS I GET HOME star used the drugs when she desperately tried to lose weight for the release of her first album FAITH in 1995, but, though she slimmed down, she was miserable.

She says, "I lost about 35 pounds but if I look at pictures... I wouldn't show my arms; I wasn't in any kind of shape.

"I didn't eat for like two months; just water and a little powder drink but I didn't know any other way.

"It gave you energy and you can't sleep half the time until you decide, 'I'm not gonna take it. I would never endorse that to be the way for someone to just jump into a healthy weight loss."

Evans insists she's since found better ways of losing weight and keeping herself trim.

She adds, "I tried it the wrong way and then a few years later I did it the right way."

Evans now works out throughout the day and starts every morning with "a beet, apple, ginger and celery shake".