Faith Evans has attempted to bury past problems between herself and one-time love rival LIL' KIM by insisting she no longer feels any resentment towards the rapper, who wooed her late husband, NOTORIOUS B.I.G.
In a candid interview with urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, Evans insists Kim doesn't owe her an apology and that she actually attempted to contact her former rival when she was incarcerated on federal perjury charges in September 2005.
The comments put an end to an almost 15-year feud between the two loves of Notorious B.I.G.'s life.
Evans says, "I don't feel she owes me an apology, to be honest. I don't expect an apology because, whatever situation was between us wasn't caused by her or myself being a bad person or having bad intentions with one another. We came across each other's path by way of a common denominator, and that was Big.
"We were both at different places in our lives... She seems to have moved on in a lot of ways... so I'm proud of her evolvement."
And Evans admits she was upset when she heard Kim had been jailed for lying about a shooting incident.
She adds, "I tried for a couple of minutes to see if I could get her contact information... but once it didn't happen right away I didn't want to push it, and I didn't want to have to go through the different channels of getting in touch with the people I probably would have had to call."