Rapper Faith Evans tracked down and beat up any women she caught cheating with her late husband, hip hop superstar THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G.
Evans confesses in a new autobiography - Keep The Faith - that she assaulted a string of girls she either discovered being intimate with the heavyweight star, or suspected he was seeing on the side.
On one occasion she flew to Virginia, where her spouse - real name Christopher Wallace - was performing, and caught him in bed with a groupie dressed as a schoolgirl.
Evans says, "I jumped on top of her and started beating her ass. I mashed her in the face and then kicked her."
Another time she found a photograph and telephone number in Wallace's car; tracked the woman down and gave her "a brief but thorough beat down".
Evans, 35, explains her actions, "I thought maybe kicking some ass would get the word out that chicks better think twice before messing with my husband."
Wallace was murdered in Los Angeles in 1997 at the age of 24.