THE STROKES star Fabrizio Moretti became extremely concerned while watching a live baseball game on TV - because cameras caught his girlfriend Drew BARRYMORE kissing Jimmy Fallon.

The Brazilian rocker, who had assumed Barrymore was in Toronto with Fallon shooting their new movie Fever Pitch, was sitting at home watching a St Louis, Missouri, game when he saw the actress on the field celebrating and kissing her comedian co-star.

While it later transpired that they'd decided at the last minute to shoot scenes at the venue, directors PETER and BOBBY FARRELLY still felt a need to call Moretti an assure him that Barrymore and Fallon's kisses were just part of the movie.

Barrymore says, "With this one, it was sometimes hard to know when the movie stopped and the reality began. Real events kept outpacing us."

The Farrelly Bros were forced to re-write the end of the film after Fallon's character's baseball team BOSTON RED SOX triumphed in last year's (04) WORLD SERIES championships.

11/04/2005 02:58