LATEST: Rapper Fabolous has distanced himself from allegations connecting him to a string of recent New York robberies which culminated in the murder of his childhood friend, insisting he was with family on the fateful night. Investigators have implicated several members of the star's Street Family crew in the robbery of several high-profile sports stars, including former American football star Frank Walker, boxing champion Zab Judah, and National Basketball Association player Sebastian Telfair. And New York police also believe rapper Fabolous' friend Shamel MCKinney, 25, a father of two from Brooklyn with prior arrests for drug-dealing and robbery, was stabbed to death trying to steal more than $10,000 (GBP5,000)-worth of jewellery from clubgoer Anthony Taylor, 26, in a nightclub last month (Nov07). But the star - real name John Jackson - is refuting claims he was involved in the clubland murder - because he has an alibi proving he was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family miles away from the Manhattan nightclub. The star tells The New York Daily News, "On Thanksgiving, I think I came out of the house one time - to go get eggnog. And there wasn't any eggnog at Club Duvet. "It was very much a shock to me. When you hear stuff happened to bad guys, you're like, 'Okay, yeah, it was coming to them.' Shamel's not that kind of person. I was waiting to hear more of the story. Unfortunately, when I heard the story, I ended up being in it. I in no way support criminal activity. "I'm the kind of person if I do wrong, I'm going to stand up as a man and say, 'All right I did this and I deserve whatever's going to get done. But to be wrongfully accused or attacked because of your celebrity, I have to stand up for myself." Jackson also maintains that Street Family, a 20-member crew of former drug dealers from Brooklyn, is "a crew of rappers", not "a gang of street homies". He adds, "Most of the people that are around me work in association with what I do in the music business. I don't have any hangers-on. I can't really afford them." Officials arrested Taylor in Georgia on 4 December (07) and brought him back to New York City on second-degree murder charges in relation to MCKinney's murder.