The little lad picked up a pair of Rolex watches, worth more than $34,000 (£22,700).

The purchase has been confirmed by bosses at Rafaello & Co., who sold the items to Fabolous.

Johan is now the proud owner of an 18 karat yellow gold Presidential Rolex with a diamond dial and yellow gold oyster bracelet band, and a two-tone steel and yellow gold Datejust Rolex with a two-tone oyster bracelet band.

His proud dad posted a photo of his son wearing the watches on Instagram, and added the caption: "These kids wear crowns over here."

A spokesman for Rafaelo & Co. tells Us Weekly the rapper also picked up a $9,500 (£6,300) Datejust Rolex and a $9,500 (£6,500) black dial steel Datejust Rolex for himself.