Rapper Fabolous initially assumed his label boss Jay Z didn't like his debut album when he pulled the plug on all his promotional events the day of its release - 9/11.

The Breathe hitmaker's first record, Ghetto Fabolous, hit U.S. stores on 11 September, 2001 and he was slated to make a number of media appearances in support of the project being released by Def Jam Recordings.

But when Fabolous awoke and learned his schedule had been cleared for the day, the rapper feared the disc was being swept under the rug.

During an interview on The Combat Jack Show, he recalled, "I woke up to someone telling me everything was cancelled. So I'm like, 'What did Jay do man? Why would he do this man?' I thought the big dog Jay just shut down my operation. I didn't understand.

"And they (were) like 'Nah, nah, turn on the Tv.' And the first image I saw come on on the Tv was a plane flying into the (World Trade Center)... I kinda personalised it. It kinda felt like a black cloud over... me."

Ghetto Fabolous went on to shift over 144,000 copies that first week, despite Americans still reeling from the horrific terrorist attacks, and Fabolous hopes the album helped fans heal during a time of much pain.

He added, "So people came out and they still wanted some music. Even in a time of crisis people would like to listen to some music, maybe even to take their mind off of the crisis."