Eyes Set To Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been hospitalised with a blood clot.

The Arizona-based post-hardcore band were due to start touring with rap-rockers Hed Pe in Missouri on Wednesday (09Jul14), but cancelled the performance and another the next night (10Jul14) in Oklahoma while doctors monitor Rodriguez's condition.

In a statement on the group's Facebook.com page, their manager Daniel Vega writes, "Anissa formed a blood clot behind her eye and is currently in the hospital. She is being monitored to determine what the next procedure will be to help assure a safe and speedy recovery. I'm sure you can imagine the severity of the situation and the good thing is she has the best care available. This is truly going to be a day by day development. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers."

The band is due to perform in Houston, Texas on Friday (11Jul14).