Example wants Professor Green to be his child's godfather.

The 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' hitmaker - who is expecting a child with Erin McNaught - is keen for the 30-year-old rapper to have a big part in his baby's life.

Speaking to KISS FM UK backstage at the KISS Haunted House Party, Example said: ''I'd love him to be the godfather. He does live far away but that could work.''

Professor Green was happy to take up the offer, saying: ''I could do that. It must be amazing, I can't wait ... No I can wait - I don't want that to be a headline but to have a baby - that must be amazing.''

Example confirmed that he would soon be flying to Australia to join his wife so that they can have the baby in her home country, surrounded by family and friends.

Meanwhile, a photograph that she uploaded to Instagram last month sparked rumours that the pair was expecting a baby boy.

However, she quickly quashed the rumours by writing: ''Got a leeeeedle bit excited in the BONDS store yesterday... And no, we don't know if we're having a boy! If we have a girl she's going to be in this stuff too. [sic]''

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