Example could be a father soon.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter married Australian TV presenter Erin McNaught last May and he has now admitted that he's lining up as many gigs as possible for this year because after that the couple will probably start trying to have children.

He said: ''This year's going to be crazy because I said to my manager at the end of last year, and my agent, just fill up this year with gigs because I know Erin's going to want kids soon.''

Example, whose real name is Elliot Gleave, admitted that the couple's parents think they've already started trying because they both had a lot of time off in Australia over Christmas and New Year.

He laughed: ''We just had a month off so everyone was like 'I bet you're trying, I bet you're trying' and her [Erin] parents were like 'we'll just leave you guys alone for a few hours!'''

The 'Say Nothing' hitmaker wants to do as much performing as possible this year because he doesn't want to be away if and when Erin gives birth.

He told KISS FM UK's 'Rickie, Melvin & Charlie in the Morning' show: ''I figured I don't want to be abroad whilst... I don't wanna miss the birth of a child you know so it's kind of hard 'cause I'm on tour this year non stop.

''This year's going to be very busy. We've got about a hundred gigs already lined up all over the world.''