Example has only just started singing lessons.

The 'Say Nothing' star already had a career spanning five years but recently decided to see a professional in order to coach his voice.

He said: ''I've released three albums and about 15 [UK] Top 40 singles, so my manager went, 'Do you think we maybe should have a singing lesson now?'

''But the vocal coach said to me: 'You've got a really unique voice. I don't want you to lose the sound you've got.'

''So she taught me to warm up, basically, so I don't lose my voice.''

The singer - who is about to release his fourth album, 'The Evolution Of Man' - has also blasted stars who charge fans to meet them, saying the practice is ''a disgrace''.

He added to the Daily Star newspaper: ''It's taking people's money for the sake of it. It's a disgrace.

''Why should someone pay £200 to shake your hand and take a photo?

''I heard about one pop band charging £200 to meet 200 people after each gig, so they were getting £40,000 a night. That's outrageous.

''If I see people on the street, I'll have a photo with them. If they wait outside a gig, I'll meet them.''