British rapper Example was given a scare during his bachelor party when a guest suffered an allergic reaction to snorting booze.

The Stay Awake hitmaker wed Australian model Erin MCNaught last year (13) and he celebrated the impending nuptials with a traditional wild night with male pals.

The party reached a low when the group of men decided to quit drinking and sniff drops of strong liqueur Jagermeister instead, but the rapper was left shaken when his cousin's face ballooned.

He tells rock magazine Q, "I was on my stag do at Snowbombing (festival) in Austria last April and we'd drunk all the rider on the coach so we unwisely started snorting Jagermeister. After a bit, my cousin had a bad reaction and his cheeks started growing big like a hamster's. He ended up looking like the f**king Elephant Man! He was Ok, but on the flight home all these girls from a school skiing trip were crying because he looked so horrible."