Rapper Example was blown away by the sound quality on his new album Live Life Living after he used Madonna's microphone in the studio.

The Brit worked on his fifth release with Stuart Price, the producer behind the Queen of Pop's 2005 hit album Confessions On The Dance Floor.

Example was stunned by the way his voice sounded when he first heard his new material, and is adamant Madonna's microphone will make his new record a sure-fire hit.

He tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper "I was recording on this microphone in L.A. and I was like, 'This mic is f**king amazing.'

"When you hear the opening track on the album my voice has a sound quality that I've never been able to capture before.

"Stuart said, 'Oh this is the mic we did the whole of the Confessions On The Dance Floor album with.'

"I've used famous microphones before like Sinatra's, but Madonna's mic was special. There's a certain mystique around it that you can't explain, because that album reignited her career, I don't think she's had the same success since. It must be the magic mic!"