British rapper Example refuses to shut down his account on, despite receiving hundreds of abusive message every day.

The hip-hop star - real name Elliot Gleave - admits he is bombarded with hateful tweets on a daily basis, but he tries not to let the cruel posts bother him and focuses instead on the positive response from fans.

He tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I get abuse on Twitter all day long. I'm not bothered. Some artists set out to leave a legacy. I'm not trying to change the world. I was meant to be a film director. This was just a hobby - a hobby that's gone right. I'm adaptable. If I put my mind to it, I could smash it...

"Someone said to me the other day, 'I'm going to come to your gig in Belfast and set fire to you.' People tell me they're going to beat me up, stab me, spit on me. They say, 'I hate you, you're a p**ck, I hate your haircut, your face, you look like a horse, you can't sing, you can't rap, your clothes are s**t ...' I've got 1.5 million followers. 20,000 people mention me a day. I'd say 500 of those are abuse."