Example admits marriage has changed him.

The star - real name Elliot John Gleave - who is happily married to TV presenter Erin McNaught admits they enjoy simple pleasures, like taking walks and watching TV together, and joked about how he's become ''uncool'' since he tied the knot last year.

He told Now magazine: ''I'm definitely a different person. I used to be so cool, but I'm not anymore.''

Talking about married life, he added: ''It's like constantly being with your best friend on your own little adventure. The simple things make you happy - I do treat her with presents, but we're so happy just going for walks by the river or watching 'House of Cards' together.''

Although his spouse was the former Miss Australia he insists she's a ''tomboy'' and a ''nerd''.

Example gushed: ''People think she's going to be really cool and scary because she won Miss Australia, but she's not. She's a tomboy and a total nerd. She was a junior Australian mountain bike racer, she's into gadets and was on the cover of Modern Fishing.''