Example and Tom Grennan have collaborated on a song.

The 'Kickstarts' rapper has revealed he enjoyed one of his ''favourite'' studio sessions of the year with the 'Lighting Matches' hitmaker, and teased that the track they've recorded is ''really special'', though he didn't say when it will be released.

Praising the rising star, Example - whose real name is Elliot Gleave - told the latest episode of 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV': ''He's one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met.

''He's almost like a cartoon but in the sweetest way. ''We've got a song and it was probably one of my favourite studio sessions of the year. We've created something really special.''

Example has tipped the 23-year-old star to become as successful as Adele one day.

He continued: ''I honestly think Tom, and I've only probably spent four days with him, I think he's going to be potentially in four, five years, at the Adele level. He's got that star quality, the voice, the chat, the humour. I'm really excited for him.

''And it's not often you see kids that young and carefree, and what I love about him: there's no master plan. He's making it up as he goes along.''

Meanwhile, Example - who has 15-month-old Ennio and three-year-old Evander with his wife Erin - has admitted getting married and starting a family meant he ''took the eye off the ball'' with his music career for a while.

The rapper - who was dropped by Sony Music in June, and released the mixtape 'Bangers & Ballads' independently two months later - said: ''I'm not blaming my wife here, but I think I got married and had kids, and sort of took my eye off the ball.

''I think the best music comes from a sort of desperate place. So I put out this 'mixed tape', 'playlist' - no one knows what to call it anymore - 'Bangers and Ballads'. It does what it says on the tin.''

Watch the full episode of 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV' here: bit.ly/2BfV1E1