Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is set to ditch his wife and embark on a gay affair with comedian Jay Leno - according to reality TV star Nicole Richie. Richie and her best pal Paris Hilton worked as interns for a palm reader while filming the third season of their hit show The Simple Life, and the svelte beauty attempted to show off her learned skills when she appeared on JAY LENO's chat show on Thursday night (10MAR05).

She told fellow guest McGregor, "You will live a long life and meet a gorgeous man and leave your wife for him. And you guys will live in West Hollywood and wear matching tighty-whities (underwear)!"

She then turned to Leno and informed him, "You will get jealous of Ewan's boyfriend and try and steal him away and then you guys will end up falling in love. Then you guys will both break up and you'll come to my house and you guys will both fight to make love to me!"

12/03/2005 02:56