Thrill-seeking actor Ewan McGregor was left trembling in fear after he was taken for a white-knuckle ride in a Tornado fighter jet.
The Trainspotting star got the chance to experience a G-force inducing flight when his brother Colin - a pilot for Britain's Royal Air Force - offered him a trip in a hi-tech military plane.
But MCGregor admits he was terrified as they hurtled through the clouds - and ended up vomiting in a sick bag.
He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday Live magazine, "We went barrelling down the runway and I was in the seat directly behind him, and because you can't see what's coming you can't prepare for the G-force. You're wearing a G-suit that inflates and pushes on your body, and it pushes the blood back. Without it you'd just pass out, as the G-force is unbelievable. It's horrible.
"I was a little sick, but not too much. We did a lot of low-level stuff and then he went up to 2,000 feet, over the clouds, and I started to sweat and I was thinking, 'Conquer it, conquer it!'
"I managed to be all right, but then he asked me to change the frequency on the radio, and as I put my head down he veered off. I couldn't get my head back up, and it's horrible when you can't see. I instantly threw up. When you land, you've got your little bag of sick on your lap, and the canopy comes up and the ground-crew fella comes up the ladder and he says, 'OK?' And you have to hand him the bag."