Actor Ewan McGregor had a lucky escape on his epic motorcycle journey from Scotland to South Africa earlier this year (07) - he narrowly avoided crashing into an antelope. The Trainspotting star and his actor pal Charley Boorman began the 15,000 mile (24,000 kilometre) road trip at John O'Groats in Scotland in May (07), and reached their final destination of Cape Town, South Africa, in August (07). But MCGregor thought his life was going to come to a grisly end when he found himself careening towards the animal on the last day of their adventures. He says, "We were doing about 80 miles-per-hour on this left-hand bend in Namibia. "All of a sudden I saw this huge kudu, or antelope. I couldn't really change direction and this thought came into my head: 'He can either walk left and it's all f**king over for me. Or he can turn right and everybody is laughing.' "Lucky for me, the kudu went right. I thought I'd be road kill. And they eat road kill!"