Scottish star Ewan McGregor keeps choosing unusual roles to sustain his interest in acting.

The Star Wars hero is easily bored by making repetitive, similar movies, so likes to spice up his choice of parts.

He says, "I think I'm more likely to enjoy things that I haven't done before. Down With Love, for example, was like being James Bond without the espionage - it was a fantasy part.

"The only thing I haven't done yet is any kind of classy thriller - something like Seven. I quite liked watching (AL) PACINO in INSOMNIA - there were holes in it, but when I watched that film I really wanted to be in it.

"The problem is on paper, they're often not very interesting, they read like a good episode of (British drama serial) Inspector Morse. It takes an exceptional writer or director to elevate them above that."

17/09/2003 17:27