Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has hit out at Hollywood for snapping up the cream of European movie film-makers and then preventing them from doing what they're good at.

The Star Wars hunk blames the Hollywood system for neutralising the edgy talents of the likes of Danish director Ole Bornedal, and then dropping them in favour of someone new.

He says, "Hollywood's good at picking up people who are hot, you know what I mean?

"Someone's hot in Europe, they try and put them to good use.

"Very often they're brought over here and not allowed to do what made them great in the first place and they disappear - I'm thinking about the guy that directed NIGHTWATCH, Ole Bornedal, who I made the remake with.

"MIRAMAX started f**king around with the end and they took all the interesting things out of the movie. Nightwatch ended up a spooky but bland movie, whereas the original is really weird and terrifying."

21/03/2005 18:00