Actor Ewan McGregor is fed up of signing autographs after his gruelling performances of Guys and Dolls in London's West End - as he just wants to go home after the show.

The Scottish star attracts queues of fans who congregate nightly at the stage door, but he wishes his determined admirers would try to appreciate how exhausted he is.

He says, "People sometimes forget that you're a person, not just somebody to get something from, which is an autograph, which is such a menial waste of time, I think.

"I don't understand what autographs are for, other than to say, 'Look who I've met' - it's a selfish thing in a way.

"I don't like the people who sell them on the internet. You can spot them.

"What I like to do is finish the show, take the applause, get changed, go home."