The past year's terrorist attacks around the world hit Ewan McGregor particularly badly because he had developed a true love of humanity following his 2004 four-month motorbike trek.

The Scottish actor, who is currently performing in musical Guys and Dolls in London, has been left shattered by the terrorist attacks on the English capital because he felt sure humanity was coming together after witnessing true acts of kindness on the road.

He explains, "We were meeting real people who lived close to roads in the middle of nowhere, who were willing to share what they had with us.

"Then immediately after we got back, those children were blown up in that school in Russia. It's such a contradiction in terms of the happiness about humanity that I felt, and now what's going on in London and what went on in Iraq.

"I kinda felt that the people we met, whether they were in Mongolia or whether they were in America, weren't so very different from one another.

"And it doesn't seem to reflect those people, the fact that we fight each other."