Hollywood star Ewan McGregor is being targeted by a fanatical Christian leader in America who claims the actor supports abortion, making him and other allegedly like-minded celebrities "accessories to murder".

Extremist RANDALL TERRY has written up a list of stars - including Christina Aguilera, Charlize Theron, and JENNIFER ANISTON - he claims have signed up to support a pro-abortion march in America.

In a rant directed at the celebrities, Terry says, "You support the brutal murder of innocent children and exploitation of women.

"We pray your blinded eyes will be opened, your hardened hearts softened and that you will love life, not death.

"You are now accessories to murder, your agenda will be defeated and your memory will be held in contempt."

But the TRAINSPOTTING star's spokesperson CIERA PARKES has rubbished accusations McGregor has offered his support to the march.

She says, "I see everything that he does, every piece of paper, and I don't remember this.

"He has not signed any support as I would know about it."

The pro-abortion demonstration has been organised by the PLANNED PARENTHOOD and other pro-choice groups in America.

18/04/2004 10:21