Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is funding a three-year-old Mongolian orphan he met during his recent round-the-world motorcycle ride.

The STAR WARS star tried to adopt parentless JAMIYANTSETSEG, but was rejected because of complicated Mongolian law. Instead he will finance the girl's living and schooling expenses till she is at least 16.

The father-of-two was moved by her plight during his 16-week bike adventure with close friend Charley Boorman.

Police doctor ENKHMAA JAMSRANGIIN, who McGregor first approached with Jamiyantsetseg, says, "He asked me to find a good orphanage for the child and said he would be responsible for the cost.

"He later went to the orphanage and told them he would pay the bill for this little girl every month.

"He spent a lot of time there playing with the kids and seemed really sad at their situation.

"He talked about his own kids. He seemed to be really moved and looked close to tears at one point."

28/11/2004 14:50