Hollywood star Ewan McGregor has to be given emergency medical treatment in Turkestan yesterday (17MAY04), after suffering a severe insect bite during his round the world trip.

Organisers told the 33-year-old STAR WARS star he should postpone his motorbike trek - after an insect bite caused his head to swell up - so medics in Kazakhstan could give him a thorough examination.

But McGregor continued with his pal CHARLIE BOORMAN to his next stop in Turkestan, where he let doctors check him over.

It was feared the actor had fallen victim to one of eastern Europe's dangerous blood-sucking parasites, after Boorman insisted the pair sleep in tents instead of checking into hotels - but medics concluded the bite was harmless.

The pair are set to complete their three-month tour around Europe, Mongolia, Siberia and North America.

19/05/2004 09:36