Actor Ewan McGregor has blasted GEORGE W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Trainspotting star is furious ex-U.S. President Bush has not been called to account for his decision to invade the two countries - and is dismayed Blair never apologised for the U.K.'s involvement in the controversial conflict.
He insists it was right the former British leader gave evidence to the Iraq Inquiry in London earlier this year (10) but is adamant the two ex-politicians should be made to provide more answers.
MCGregor says, "My thing about politicians is that ultimately they're never really accountable for what they do. I think that's awful. No one goes, 'Wait a minute, Tony - before you go, don't you think we have a right to know about this and this?' People are dead, there's blood on the streets, and is anyone accountable? I was pleased that Blair had to sit down and answer for his decisions. And saddened that Bush never will.
"Bush has retired to the golf course. I cannot stomach that. It's not right. Blair hasn't said sorry or, by all accounts, made any comment to the kids who lost their arms and legs and eyes. Probably thousands of kids - and he hasn't visited them. I don't know how you live with yourself, really."