STAR WARS star Ewan McGregor is planning another mad motorcycle trip in 2006 from London to Cape Town, South Africa.

The bike-mad Scot and fellow actor CHARLIE BOORMAN teamed up to trek through Europe, Mongolia and Russia to Canada and North America last year (04), while filming documentary series LONG WAY ROUND.

And now McGregor is keen to head off on another big adventure.

He says, "It's the logical next step. LONG WAY DOWN, we'd call it, and we'd get to see all of Africa."

And that's not the only bike trip the ambitious actor is planning - he'd like to zoom around Britain on his favourite vintage motorcycle, the BSA Lightning, and he hopes to return to the remote roads of Mongolia for a solo camping trip.

He adds, "There's something terribly comforting about visiting remote places and being so far away from home.

"There's something so beautiful about being alone, having no responsibility, but there's also nothing like coming back to work and to a family I love."

01/06/2005 03:03