Ewan McGregor didn't think it was his "moment" when he made 'Trainspotting'.

The 40-year-old actor - who portrayed heroin addict Mark Renton in the 1996 drama, set in Edinburgh, Scotland - admitted while he was thrilled to be working alongside director Danny Boyle and had "high expectations" of the movie, he never realised it would catapult him to worldwide fame.

He said: "When I made 'Trainspotting' I didn't think - this is me, this is my moment. But I did have really amazing feelings about the film. I thought the book was fantastic and really captured the spirit of the country. I knew Danny was the best director to do it.

"And we had this perfect cast. So I had really, really high expectations of it. But I couldn't have imagined what it would lead to."

However, the star admitted as soon as he saw the movie, he came out "numb and shaky" as he became aware of the "global" impact it would have on audiences.

Ewan added in an interview with The Big Issue magazine: "I remember seeing it for the first time, in London, with my wife and uncle, and coming out numb and shaky. It was so extraordinary.

"But I already had a very strong self-belief so I didn't feel it would boost me particularly. Now of course I see it did. It became a global film and put me right in the public eye."