Ewan McGregor admits he slept with ''many, many, many women'' before meeting wife Eve Mavrakis.

The 41-year-old 'Trainspotting' star met French production designer Eve, 45, on the set of TV show 'Kavanagh QC' before hitting the Big Time, and says he instantly realised she was a game changer.

He explained: ''I fell totally in love with her and I knew right then that I really wanted to be with her, and I knew I wanted to be with her in a different way to all the other many, many, many woman I had been with up until that point.

''And I wasn't wrong - I made the right choice.''

They couple - who have daughters, Clara, 15, Esther, 10, Jamiyan, 10, and a one-year-old - married in 1995 and now live in Los Angeles, where Ewan enjoys ''the lovely feeling of having been with someone for a really long time [when] you're so comfortable in each other's company.''

But despite their lengthy relationship, the Scottish actor admits he still hasn't managed to get to grips with French, much to his daughters' delight.

Appearing on 'The Graham Norton Show', he said: ''I understand a lot but after 17 years my French is still terrible.

''My kids speak French so whenever they want to talk about me, or slag me off they do it in French. I pretend I don't understand half of it and half of it I don't understand. It's not easy.''