Ewan McGregor was left stunned by the outrageous antics on the set of his 1998 film Velvet Goldmine after film bosses allegedly offered drugs and champagne for an explicit orgy scene.
The actor won great acclaim for his role as Curt Wild in the film, playing the lover of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' flamboyant pop star character, Brian Slade.
MCGregor reveals the drama's hard-partying scenes were made more authentic after producers provided booze for the cast to indulge in.
He tells Attitude magazine, "There's a scene where we're shooting in this stately home. It was a post-orgy scene or something and I was lying between these two topless girls. I can't remember what it was all about but one guy was leaning against the door just having a soft w**k.
"They put real joints and real champagne there, so everyone was off their t**s, and I remember looking over and going, 'I never saw that before on a set.'"
And the star admits playing a gay part has never been an issue for him: "I never wanted limits in my work. I've played gay or bisexual characters whenever the part grabbed me."