Ewan McGregor's new movie Young Adam has been awarded the dreaded NC-17 rating in America, despite distributor Sony's frantic appeal.

British producer Jeremy Thomas flew to Los Angeles last week (ends12MAR04) to personally appeal the ratings board's decision fearing the adults-only rating would ruin the chances of his film's success in the US.

But ratings chiefs decided the movie's erotic scenes were too much for younger audiences - particularly one which features an intense fully-clothed lovemaking tryst and another featuring a full frontal shot of McGregor.

Thomas fumes, "I don't understand why they focused on this scene.

"The film is not titillating and it's not being marketed to sell sex."

Sony bosses have agreed not to cut the film in the wake of the ratings board's decision - and the movie, which thrilled audiences at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL last year (03), will be shown in its entirety when it opens in America.

It marks Thomas' second brush with the NC-17 rating already this year - his erotic movie The Dreamers was given the hard rating last month (FEB04).

19/03/2004 19:29