Ewan McGregor's first on-screen sex scene left the actor red-faced - because he accidentally became aroused.

The STAR WARS star was just 22 when he stripped off alongside actress Alice Krige in British TV mini-series SCARLETT+BLACK.

He explains, "I had to lie on top of her and they kept on pulling back the sheet. They wanted to see my naked bum and her naked thigh, so we couldn't wear any underwear. It was very embarrassing. It was a case of, 'Cut! We'll go again.' I calmed myself down and we just got on with the scene."

Ewan didn't suffer such embarrassment when called on to peel off alongside Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!, because he was so terrified of the actress.

He says of his sexy co-star, "She was one of those actresses I was very nervous about meeting. She's hugely famous and there was an element of me thinking, 'F***ing hell, it really is her - in the flesh.'"

04/06/2003 17:28