Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has won a British High Court privacy action over paparazzi photographs taken of his children.

The Moulin Rouge! star was granted an injunction against ELIOT PRESS SARL photo agency for taking unsolicited snaps of his two daughters CLARA and ESTHER while on holiday in Mauritius last December (02).

The photographs, which have previously appeared in the British newspapers, are now banned from further publication.

MR JUSTICE EADY yesterday (11NOV03) ordered damages for breach of confidence and compensation under the Data Protection Act, which will be assessed at a later hearing.

McGregor's solicitor MARK THOMSON says, "The courts are moving more to protecting the privacy of individuals and children and using the law of confidence to do it."

"I think there will be more of these cases involving paparazzi photographers."

McGregor has made no secret of his hatred for the media's pursuit of celebrities, and this May (03) slammed British gossip magazine HEAT as a "dirty, filthy piece of s***".

He also said in a radio interview with London station LBC, "(The paparazzi) don't have the right to intrude on people's lives, I really don't think they do."

"Especially with my children, I've always felt that as a parent, it's my right to protect my children and everyone would agree with that.

"If a guy comes up and asks me, 'Can I take a picture of your daughter?,' that's one thing.

"But if he's hiding behind a bus and he takes a picture of me and my daughter, he's legally allowed to publish that photo in the press and I have no rights to stop him, and I think that's wrong."

12/11/2003 13:49