Ewan McGregor worked in the kitchen of pal Guy Cowan's Glasgow, Scotland restaurant to prepare to play a chef in new movie Perfect Sense.
Cowan used to cook for the movie star on film sets and they became pals, so when MCGregor had to master the kitchen arts for a new film role, he turned to the master cook for help.
The actor says, "He fed me many times on set and then he started his own restaurant called Guy's... It's a really successful and really good restaurant. Fantastic atmosphere, but a tiny kitchen.
"I worked for a few weeks cooking with him, so I learned a lot."
But it wasn't a completely new experience for MCGregor: "I used to work in kitchens quite a lot when I was a kid. I used to be a dishwasher and do some salads and stuff.
"(At Guy's) I just ended up helping out... I was moving dishes around and making sure that everyone's workspace was clear."
Cowan also made sure his famous kitchen boy tasted the harsh realities of cooking in a busy kitchen towards the end of MCGregor's trial period.
The actor tells Angeleno magazine, "I ended up whipping up all that food. I didn't really know what I was doing and he just kept shouting over instructions as he was doing something else. I realised that it was game on and we weren't f**king around. This was food that was going out to real people's tables. I think I did all right. I didn't have any disasters."
He also worked behind the scenes at a high-end restaurant in the Highlands, where the chef was a "bully".
The actor recalls, "It was interesting to see the status of the chef and how he can be quite nasty - a little bit of an a**hole... I didn't want my chef to be a bully."