Ewan McGregor wants to become a pilot.

The 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' actor would love to learn how to fly although he admitted he might panic if he ran into difficulties during a flight.

He told Live magazine: ''It would be cool to take the kids to school and then go down to the airport and pull out your little plane and go for a flight. It must be an amazing feeling, although I've never got past the fear of, What if something goes wrong? Will I be the kind of person that knows how to get out of that situation? Or will I be one of the guys you read about in the news who's crashed and died and left all his kids fatherless on some dumb whim of learning to fly?

''I don't know The Answer. What I do know is being a part-time private pilot is the most Dangerous bracket to be in.''

Even if he never lives his dream of piloting a plane, Ewan, 41, says he will always get his excitement from motorcycles.

He added: ''The things firing my imagination at the moment are still motorcycles.

I am someone who gets taken up with something, a new thing, and I run with it for a while and then it disappears. It was paragliding, then it was flying, then it was something else. Underneath all of it, always, are motorbikes. That's never gone away.''