Scottish actor Ewan McGregor repaid a motorcycle enthusiast who rescued him on a drive in Utah by giving her tickets to his Broadway show and taking her out to dinner.

The Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith star ran out of fuel during an trip in a vintage sports car in August (14) and he was left stranded at the roadside after breaking down in the desert.

He was rescued by teacher Madeleine Velazquez, who was riding past on her motorcycle. She shared her spare fuel with him and helped him to safety.

MCGregor kept in touch with her after the incident, and he repaid her kindness by inviting her to watch his Broadway play The Real Thing, and then taking her out to dinner after the show.

In a post on her blog, she writes, "The nice man, Ewan MCGregor, who I met in the desert in Utah has more than shared his kindness by saying thank you for helping him... Since we met in Utah, we have maintained a friendship. I went to see his first Broadway performance, The Real Thing... After the performance, he made arrangements for my sister and I to go backstage and see him. He also brought us to meet the cast at the restaurant. What a lovely experience that was for my sister and I...

"His driver took us to a restaurant where the cast was hanging out. The cast welcomed us with open arms. They were wonderful... Since then, Ewan has sent me the (motorcycle Tv series) Long Way Down movie and books about the documentaries... Ewan is a man with a big heart... I continue to be delighted by Ewan's method of saying thank you to my small act of kindness by helping him on that day."