Ewan McGregor will continue to be nude in films.

The 40-year-old star - who is well known for baring all in movies including 'The Pillow Book' and 'Velvet Goldmine' - wants to take his clothes off in projects providing it has a necessary back-story for him to do so.

He said: "No, I certainly haven't made any conscious decision not to. But, it's only ever there if it's relevant for the film.

"I made a film, called 'Perfect Sense', with David Mackenzie, who directed 'Young Adam', and it's possible it might be in there. I can't remember."

However he is not keen on always doing something for a film, and currently sports a moustache for movie 'Jack the Giant Killer', but he only plans to do so for as long as is necessary.

He added: "I'm making a film with Bryan Singer, called 'Jack the Giant Killer', where I play a medieval knight, so I've got it for that. I have to keep it this length for continuity."