Motorbike fanatic Ewan McGregor is whizzing around London on a vintage racing bike after buying it from a museum in the Isle of Man, while shooting new movie MISS POTTER. The actor couldn't resist a visit to the British island's famous TT rally museum while he was filming, and, when he discovered the owner was selling off his classic bikes, MCGregor felt he had to add to his collection. He explains, "The Isle of Man is a very famous location for motorcycle racing. There's been an Isle of Man TT race, on a mountain circuit, for years; it's about 38 miles long. They've raced there since 1902. "It (the race) goes through several villages and through this mountain section. It's an extraordinarily dangerous race. I love it. "There's a museum at the very top of the circuit and I went to visit it, and the guy who ran it was selling all the bikes. I went, 'Oh no!' I phoned my wife and said, 'I've gone to this museum and you know he's selling all the bikes.' She went, 'Oh no!' "I bought a 1929 Rex Acme TT racing bike, 350 single. It's a beautiful piece of machinery; beautiful. I've got it running and I've been riding around London." Meanwhile, MCGregor has confirmed he's planning another biking documentary series with pal CHARLIE BOORMAN following the success of their show LONG WAY ROUND, which took the intrepid friends through Europe, the former Soviet Union, Alaska and America. He adds, "Our Long Way Round trip was so successful and enjoyable that next year we're gonna go from the very north of Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa and to visit Unicef charity projects along the way. It'll be great."