Actor Ewan McGregor has revealed that he is "fine" after his skin cancer scare.

The Star Wars actor had a cancerous mole removed from just under his right eye along with several other moles after a check-up.

"I went to see a specialist who thought they were better to be removed, and indeed he was correct," he told the BBC.

He added that as he has pale skin and spends a lot of time in the sun he knew he was at risk and thought it best to see a doctor.

When questioned about whether the thought of having cancer had frightened him, the actor sarcastically replied: "It was great fun having skin cancer, it was great, I really enjoyed it."

McGregor can currently be seen in the thriller DECEPTION, alongside Michelle Williams and Hugh Jackman.

The Scottish actor recently revealed that he hates the movie's title and fears that it could lead to the project being a box office flop.

"Deception is just a horrible title. It sounds like a bad movie," he stated.

22/04/2008 13:28:09