Ewan McGregor's film-making stint in the American state of Alabama has aided him in acquiring a new hobby - line dancing.

The Scottish Moulin Rouge! hunk spent six weeks filming Big Fish in Montgomery, Alabama, a town he describes as so quiet "you could be drunk on the street and not see anyone for hours".

And while he became a regular at popular local hangout SINCLAIR'S and was thrilled to be sending his seven-year-old daughter CLARA to community private school, the MONTGOMERY ACADEMY, McGregor also made a pilgrimage to ELVIS PRESLEY's GRACELAND in Memphis, Tennessee, took up karaoke and line danced.

He says, "I've always sworn I wouldn't be seen dead line dancing. But my friend wanted me to take it up. She's a big fan of cowboys, y'know. We all had a good laugh and a good time.

"I did okay. Line dancing can be very similar to Scottish country dancing. The karaoke was a great bit of fun too."

12/05/2003 09:17