Ewan McGregor has confessed he "howled like a baby" and sobbed uncontrollably when he read the script for upcoming disaster movie The Impossible.
The Trainspotting star was offered the role of a father looking for his missing family in the aftermath of the horrific 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but he had severe reservations about accepting the part.
His doubts were deepened when he read the heartbreaking script - but he eventually agreed to accept the role as he's never played an onscreen dad during his career.
MCGregor tells British magazine Seven, "I was very wary about this film. It's a story about something terrible that happened in recent history, where many, many people lost their lives, and the idea of making a movie about it didn't sit very well on my shoulders.
"But I've never really explored being a father in a film before, and I've been a father for 15 years, so I agreed to read the script... I was just crying my eyes out. And that's why I think it's valid to make the film because it's all about the human spirit and a unique look at what makes us tick."
More than 230,000 people in 14 countries died in the tsunami in December 2004, which was caused by an enormous earthquake in the Indian Ocean.