The Trainspotting star posted a shot of his old Volkswagen Beetle on Instagram page last year (15) in the hope someone would know of the motor's whereabouts - because the Scot wanted to buy it back.

"It was a 1978 Beetle," he told U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday (28Jan16). "I think it came from South Africa, 'cos it's got weird fenders on it and the wrong taillights... I don't know how it ended up in Scotland."

Ewan, who was 16 in the shot he posted online, added, "I'd like it back. I love VWs and I've got several of them... My daily one is, like, a 1954 oval window Bug (Beetle)... and this one I just think about all the time and I would love to find it."

"I think it's long gone," he added. "I think it's rusted away."

Ewan bought the car for $712 (GBP500), using money he had saved up from his job as a dishwasher in a hotel.

"I really valued it (car) and I loved it very much and I wasn't able to drive it for over a year, because I was too young," he recalled, beaming at the memory of his first motor.