Everything Everything  James Rutledge 'Arc' Album Remix

Everything Everything James Rutledge 'Arc' Album Remix

Producer James Rutledge has reworked Everything Everything's #5 album Arc into into a one track remix.
Here's what James said about crafting the remix:

"Everything Everything are one of my favourite bands... I wanted to remix the entirety of the new album into one coherent track that retained the emotive punch and some of the thematic threads that run through Arc. To just build a song using disparate parts from the record.

I've always loved tracks built from samples and musical collages/ bricolage, edits, tape splicing etc. but really wanted to create something contemporary rather than retroish.

Whilst I was working on it, I had a day where I had to travel on the overground to the other side of London. Steve Reich's Different Trains was in my earphones and I couldn't hear it too well because the tannoy announcements during my journey were so loud. As I flipped backwards between my rough version of the remix, the EE album and the Reich track I realised that I wanted the remix to sound like a serene and abstracted train journey where you glimpse bits of the album through the window and fragments of the tracks blow around in the dust."

Everything Everything's new single Duet will be released on RCA Victor on March 24th.