Everything But The Girl star Ben Watt alerted zoo experts after a terrifying scorpion was found in his north London home over the weekend (18-19Oct14).

The musician's 16-year-old daughter Alfie discovered the large creature in her bedroom on Saturday (18Oct14) and trapped it under a glass bowl before alerting her parents, and Watt immediately sought professional advice to deal with the potentially poisonous beast.

He placed it in a food storage container and took it to London Zoo, where experts identified it as a European yellow-tailed scorpion.

Watt posted pictures of his find on his Twitter.com page, writing, "Holy c**p! We go away for the day and 16 yr-old (sic) daughter finds a flippin' scorpion in her bedroom. In North London!... #Scorpgate: Been backstage at Zoo! Identified as 'Euroscorpius flavicaudis' (Euro Yellow-Tailed). Hitched a ride or poss local population!... (They) reckoned (it) came in on luggage/bag. Small chance localised. Have Uv blacklight for nocturnal spotting! They glow!"

He later added, "Trying to rehearse for upcoming shows this week, but forgetting lyrics and thinking about scorpions."

A statement from London Zoo reads, "ZSL London Zoo have come to the rescue of an unusual continental visitor. A scorpion, discovered by musician and writer Ben Watt, formerly of band Everything But The Girl, and his daughter in their London home on Saturday, has been taken in by the Zoo's invertebrate keepers. The maroon-coloured scorpion, initially found by Mr Watt's 16-year-old daughter, Alfie, on her bedroom floor, has been named Sansa after her favourite Game of Thrones character... Sansa the scorpion is likely to have accidentally travelled a perilous journey in order to arrive in London... Sansa the scorpion is now settling safely into her new home..."