The full scheduled cast of Everybody Loves Raymond was finally reunited yesterday (19AUG03), after more than week of delays.

Thee castmembers who called in sick in recent days - Doris Roberts, PETER BOYLE and PATRICIA HEATON - attended rehearsal yesterday, along with the show's star Ray Romano.

Heaton's illness last week (ends15AUG03) delayed production on the American comedy's eighth-season premiere, which will now begin taping tomorrow (21AUG03).

The stars' representatives say the illnesses were real - not tactics to seek pay rises.

But actor Brad Garrett is still holding out for an increase in his reported $4 million (GBP2.5 million) salary - refusing to return to the set until bosses at TV network CBS begin pay rise negotiations. Garrett is the lowest-paid castmember, compared to Romano's $45 million (GBP28.1 million) from this season alone.

Garrett has been written out of the season premiere.

21/08/2003 02:19