Hit U.S. sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond is about to launch in Russia, where local producers are on the hunt for a Cher lookalike to play the role 76-year-old Doris Roberts made famous from 1996 to 2005.
The show, which revolved around comedian Ray Romano's fictitious family life, currently airs in over 170 countries around the world - and Russian TV tsars are hoping to remake the series as a local favourite.
Roberts tells WENN, "They thought the person to play my role should be something like Cher. I don't know what that's gonna be like and can't wait to see that.
"They claim they're inviting the original cast to Russia for the premiere. I hope I can go and I'm gonna get a Cher wig."
And Roberts admits the now defunct comedy has some pretty powerful fans: "I got a call from Pierce Brosnan, who I worked with on Remington Steele, and he said, 'Oh Doris, I'm in the dentist's chair and I'm watching you on Everybody Loves Raymond and I'm laughing my head off.'"