Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton insists there is nothing wrong with having a beer and taking a sleeping pill to try and cope with the stress of trying to balance work and family life. Heaton is normally based in Los Angeles, where she has four young boys, but is currently appearing in the off-Broadway play THE SCENE in New York City. The Emmy Award winner admits she has a little help when it comes to trying to maintain some sense of order in her life. She explains her secret is "beer and (sleeping pill) Ambien. You can do a lot as long as you know how to deal with the stress. "My husband was still back in LA with the kids and I went out after the show. I had a couple bourbons. Little bourbons. With ice in them and I went home. You get wound up after the show and it's hard to come down, so I took an Ambien and I got in bed and my husband called. "It was right before Christmas and he said, 'I got you your present.' And I said, 'How much was it? If it's too expensive take it back. I told you not to spend a lot of money on me' and we started getting in a fight. The next thing I knew, the sun was coming up and the phone was going, 'If you'd like to make a call...' I literally just (passed out)!" The star insists she now knows better than to drink and take sleeping pills adding, 'I've learned that!'"