Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett has sympathy for Mel Gibson in the wake of his recent anti-Semitic outburst, because he too has battled with alcohol abuse. The BRAVEHEART Oscar winner shocked the world when he aimed a verbal tirade at the Californian police officer who arrested him for drink-driving last month (JUL06). But Garrett claims he understands what the star is going through: "No one is prouder to be a Jew than me. That being said, I think everyone should be forgiven for almost anything. "I think what people do in a drunken stupor has to be addressed as someone who's drunk. "Listen, there are a lot of people who are sober who hate Jews. If he wants to join that club, he can. But no one should really make an assumption until he gets help." The star, who has been sober for 10 years, adds jokingly, "In the days when I used to drink, I would get drunk and yell out awful things about LETHAL WEAPON 3."